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Posted: Thu. Jan. 9 08:45:13 2020

 To ALL GENTLEMEN, local & visitors alike, intensely seeking a dream encounter?  I’ve surpassed, dominated, forget mastered but transcended the mystifying arts of the utopian companionship model. 
 My friend, we have found each other. This page is dedicated to the likes of your profound insight on value of self priority, especially in trivial times, so slip away for solitude only mapped for two. As minds of the likes of ours know it’s imperative for the growth in our own productivity and success  takes vital keys. A regrouping, come decompress with me. As you need always to take a break of tranquillity. I’m 10 digits away right now. Take, with bond, from a phenomenally captivating young fox, such as myself.
   Aha still there? I see, fascinated already,  I knew you needed to be diverted by fairy like  intrigue. I expected you were seeking only the extraordinare. See as young woman I’ve passionately taken the time to fully surpass the realms of being a companion. As so, I have always noticed something. It’s pieces other’s are missing. 
  Friends, truly in awe of the intellectual beauty, authenticity in devotion and  compassion I display. In fact so much so that it literally radiates like a light house, soothing like waves into the soul, as we spend time getting lost in wonderland. Truly a refreshment. A real moment in time if you will! So many miss this today with our gadgets and phones. However, I must ask will you use it now? Let’s turn your day around but not for just today, forever! No Kodak moments here. No, one you can lay down with at night and get lost in the mental replay,. Remembering those mesmerizing eyes! I am not conceited but I could get lost in the sparkle of any eyes showing that much depth of loving curiosity. After all, their the window to the soul! So won’t you contact me? 
  You are my priority, as I do not spend time with just anyone, we will choose each others time in the end. Kindness, respect, and of course self representations are what I need to be aligned. Don’t be shy though!! I’m very grounded and down to earth. I find all walks of life as interesting as the next! 
~Sincerely, Linnea  
**Reviews are based on fictional stories &  and strictly for the purpose of fantasy entertainment not to be taken for real life situations.    
****PLEASE ONLY CONTACTS THIS #....    832-909-7290


Gender: Female
Height: 5' 5''
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Bust: B Cup
Dress: not set
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Availability: not set
Location: 249Willowbrook Tomball